• Illustration
    Our illustration includes typography, design, and conceptual communication. When doing work-for-hire art for any client, we start by learning about their company, their products & services, their culture, their competition, their target audience, and how our art will be used. Then we aim for the appropriate vibe and style before we start rendering. Sometimes we draw and paint. Sometimes we use the computer. At all times we work to connect with people on an emotional level. 
  • Music City Pizza
    Music City Pizza

    We love pizza. So we were pretty jazzed when a new pizza restaurant asked us to create a series of illustrations for use in menus, murals, and promotion. They didn't have much money, so we agreed to trade some of our fees for gift cards. We almost used up all our gift cards before they went out of business. Oh well, the art lives on!

    Illustrator: Ligia Teodosiu
    Creative Director: Joel Anderson

  • Music City Pizza
    Music City Pizza

    This batch of art was part of our early exploration in the brand development process. It was very colorful—too colorful for selling food! So eventually, the Music City Pizza color palette was simplified to be just black and gold.

    Illustrator: Aaron Johnson
    Creative Director: Joel Anderson

  • National Parks Patches
    National Parks Patches

    We produced a series of shield-shaped emblems for all 59 National Parks loosely based on our poster art. That way they could be used on things that didn't lend themselves well to a rectangular shape. We worked in a limited color pallette of 4-7 colors to keep things looking vintage, but also to make it easy to produce patches, stickers, apparel, etc.

    Creative Driector: Joel Anderson
  • Igloo Patches
    Igloo Patches


    Igloo Coolers saw our Natoinal Parks shields and contacted us to create a series of patches to commemorate their 75th anniversary. 

    Illustrator: Aaron Johnson
    Creative Director: Joel Anderson
  • Meissenburg Designs
    Meissenburg Designs

    One of our licensees makes cool vintage-looking wood and metal signs. We created these salty coastal illustrations to be printed on wooden signs and sold as home decor.

    Illustrator: Joel Anderson

  • Macy's Flower Show
    Macy's Flower Show


    Macy's contacted us to create a series of posters to set the theme for their annual flower show. 2016's theme was "America the Beautiful," and featured the 6 main regions of the US and the flowers from each region. We also created a lettering treatment that could exist as a separate logo for signage.

    Illustrator: Aaron Johnson
    Creative Director: Joel Anderson

  • Riders in the Sky
    Riders in the Sky


    America's favorite cowboy band, Riders in the Sky, asked us to create an illustration that they could use for posters and advertisement, album artwork, and more. We studied vintage Western movie posters to come up with the look and feel for the art that would celebrate the band's 40th Anniversary.

    Illustrator: Aaron Johnson
    Creative Director: Joel Anderson
  • Parade Magazine
    Parade Magazine

    Parade Magazine hired us to create a cover illustration and type treatment for an article about fears in 2015. We used a retro comic book style reminiscent of the old B horror movies, which helped give it just the right tone.

    Illustrator: Aaron Johnson
    Creative Director: Joel Anderson
  • These Hallowed Halls
    These Hallowed Halls

    This novel is about a cornerstone that was laid for the University of the South just before the Civil War broke out. We were asked to create a foreboding mood for the cover of this fascinating work of historical fiction.

    Illustrator: Derek Anderson
    Creative Director: Joel Anderson
  • Gone To Texas
    Gone To Texas

    "Gone To Texas" is a rich tradition that continues each August, as a new generation of students converge upon The University of Texas at Austin.  We were hired to create an illustration that would help celebrate and promote the annual event welcoming students to their new home.

    Illustrator:  Aaron Johnson
    Creative Director: Joel Anderson

  • Book Fool
    Book Fool


    We created these illustrations for Book Fool, a company that buys used books on college campuses and resells them online. The art was intended to appeal to college students and double as t-shirt designs.

    Illustrator: Andy Gregg
    Creative DIrector: Joel Anderson
  • Pressers

    We created these illustrations for the Ellusionist Playing Card Company. The trick was to create a series of characters that all fit within the 60s era Madison Avenue look, but each had a unique personality. The client added their own colors and textures to the final design but here's our original illustrations.

    Illustrator: Aaron Johnson
    Creative Director: Joel Anderson
  • Coastal California
    Coastal California


    This was an illustration created for Orange Coast magazine. It ran on the cover and inside the publication for an article about touring the California Coast by car.

    Illustrator: Andy Gregg
    Creative Director: Joel Anderson

  • Ideas In Action Covers
    Ideas In Action Covers

    Although this magazine is aimed at professional educators in the academic realm, it needs to feel accessible and enjoyable to read. We acheived this balance through the use of our own custom illustrations.

    Illustrators: (Left to right)
    Aaron Johnson
    Andy Gregg
    Michael Korfhage

    Creative Director: Joel Anderson